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Foundation year of our company was 1986, when within 2 months an extensive task-analysis-system for the german post (Deutsche Bundespost at that time) was developed and brought into service.

In 1987 the small team about CEO Jürgen Müller, graduate mathematician with focus on  computer science and operations research, got the tender for developing the clearing system for the automatic teller machines (ATM) of Deutsche Bundespost (today: Postbank AG). It handled the billing for up to 2.500 ATMs with accounting for own and foreign ec- and bank card-transactions as well as for credit cards with different charge- and billing-structures.

1992/93 this application was expanded to billing for all the (appr. 18.000) terminals of the bank as well as to clearing of all card-caused transactions there.

1996 the handling of electronic cash-transactions (POS) incl. corresponding statistics was integrated, followed by additional devices (f. e. statement printers), further card-caused transactions and other functionalities (f. e. adjustment functions).

Since 1997 the the so-far-implemented system approach was completely redeveloped (
UTBS), implying an entirely new kernel conception including extensive parametrization and dynamizations of various actions.

A tangible derivative of the UTBS-approach is the Realtime-Statistics-And-Simulation-System (

The team about Jürgen Müller has many years of experience with IBM- and Siemens-host-, Unix- (f. e. Sun) and PC-systems, as well as with databases such as ADABAS
®, ORACLE®, Microsoft-SQL-Server® and IBM-DB2® especially in the banking-sector in various development-environments and -languages.

Our theoretical focusses are on temporal dependencies of data (data timing), optimal parametrisations (minimal consistent generative systems) and dynamic transaction-allocation (dynamic matching) for an approximate entire automation of processes in the field of mass data.

CEO Jürgen Müller


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