The Main Components
of the real-time statistic and simulation system RSS are in detail:

  • A dialog component for definition of statistics and simulations (STA-DEF),
  • A control data file processing program for the insertion of new or modified definitions into the control data file of the central RSS-system (PRSM),
  • A program to transfer the newest information from the control data file of the central RSS-system to the respective local RSS-system (PLCR),
  • A program for generation or update of summation information associated to statistics and simulations, respectively (PSUM),
  • Programs (UTBS - Universal Transaction Banking/Billing System)
    • for classification and conversion into the internal format of the system (PKNV),
    • for insertion both of the previous converted transaction data records of the local RSS-system (PIN1) and transferred data records of other RSS-systems (PIN2),
    • for the exchange of data records and summation information within an RSS-network, outgoing (PDU1) and incoming (PDU2),
    • for initialisation (PINI), deletion, and merging of data (PDEL), and for the output of standard statistics (PSTA),
  • A real-time summation module (RSM) for ”just in time”-summation connected to a real-time application via user-exit,
  • A dialog component for the visualization of statistics (STA-VIS).
  • Mutual basis of all modules (of each RSS-system) is a control data file, in which the desired statistic and simulation information are stored or will be stored, respectively.

workflow within one RSS-system

data exchange between RSS-systems

central RSS-system

local RSS-system


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